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Having toured with various Queen shows in the past, Kev is bringing all his passion, expertise and tone to SQ and has already established himself within the band and with our followers. In Kev’s words, Queen is his Bible… he’s certainly recreating that iconic Red Special sound chapter and verse! He brings a new level of authenticity and detail to our show – and aside from anything else is a thoroughly nice chap.


Kev will be telling you all about himself here, shortly... about what he loves about music and about his background in the music industry - in the meantime drop us a message on the contact page if there is anything specifically you would like to know...











Kev Parry as Brian May
kev sq wales.jpg


Brian May BMG Red Special

Brian May BMG Red Special Super


Boss Katana

Vox AC-30

Digitech Red Special 

Catalinbread Galileo

Boss TU3


NUX wireless guitar system C-5RC

Rotosound yellows 10-46

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