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The Supersonic Queen Tech Team

We rely on so many people behind the scenes to make sure that the show runs smoothly so that the audience can relax and throw themselves into the spirit of it all. Here are a few of our Technical and Front of House team who are always there in some capacity making us look and sound the best we can... do say 'Hi' to this wonderful lot if you see them at shows: they're an integral part of the show and we couldn't do it without them! Feel free to buy them a drink - they rarely get a chance...


Vicky - Front of House

Vicky manages the Merch and Front of House for Supersonic Queen. She can often be found running around to get things for the band (Phil especially), chatting to our lovely loyal Friends, taking photo/video footage, running the Merch stand - or just generally encouraging people to get up and dance!

She is married to Phil and not only has to put up with his obsession with Queen, but also with him nicking her clothes! 


Brad 'Buzz' - Engineer

Buzz works with Woody to engineer our sound! Blessed with a technical mind he is invaluable as a sound engineer, but also as a problem solver. Brad is always ready with a devastating quip (it's always the quiet ones), and is a valued member of the SQ team. 

He has a pilot's license but still hasn't flown us anywhere yet! We are waiting for the day when he unveils a Supersonic Queen branded Learjet: it'd beat spending hours on the motorway... 

liz (jessie).png

Liz  - ML Soundhire

Behind every great man there's an even greater woman: Liz assists Woody in all things technical. You'll often see her carrying equipment/speakers, etc, while Woody is looking at 'the desk' on his IPad! All joking aside, they are a great team and add SO much to what we do. Liz often helps out with Front of House as well (when Vicky isn't there). 


Beth 'Mrs Brad' Campbell

Beth is on hand to assist Brad when he's running Sound for the show. She's incredibly helpful and is very hands-on; helping to set the stage, sort out the tangled mess of cabling that we invariably leave, and generally to support Brad when he's 'flying' the desk.

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