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phil copping

Phil's is one of the most authentic portrayals of Freddie currently on the circuit: he has an undeniably powerful vocal range combined with an incredible stage presence and energy - and an attention to detail that is unparalleled. As well as an accomplished singer, Phil is also a talented actor and has been in the performing arts scene since he was 7 when he appeared in his first show. Over the years Phil has performed in musicals, theatre and ballet as well as in bands as a singer and guitarist. Phil has been a Queen fan since 1980, and considers it the greatest privilege to honour the music he loves by channeling his inner Freddie, and continuing the legacy of the man and his music with the utmost respect and integrity.

Phil's  Story

For me it all started in 1980 when the 'Flash Gordon' movie was released. Along with many kids my age we grew up with this movie - it was distinctly different from other Sci-Fi movies of the late 70's and early 80's... especially because of that soundtrack! It wasn't the John Williams orchestral scores and the huge symphonies - it was something raw, rocky, majestic and very theatrical. My parents bought the album for me on cassette (remember those?) and I immediately fell in love...

Fast forward to 1985 - watching Top Of The Pops, I was blown away by the flamboyant video for 'It's a Hard Life'... I recognised the musical vocabulary immediately and it all started to click into place. It was then that I started to understand what this band Queen was about. Not long after this Queen released 'A Kind of Magic' and my journey to dark side was complete! I nearly wore out the cassette of this album - then I hunted down the early albums, 'Queen', 'Queen II', and 'Sheer Heart Attack' and completely immersed myself in the complexity and passion of 'my band'...

I originally trained as a Chorister in Rochester Cathedral, but spent my formative years soaking up the musical theatre of Bernstein and Rogers & Hammerstein (as the 4th generation of my family who performed in the theatre). Theatre, showmanship, emotion, musical complexity and harmony became the building blocks for my future in music.

I performed in bands and duos and over the years learnt my craft, until in 2018 (with massive encouragement from my Wife, Vicky) I finally started work on my solo act, 'Freddie Forever': the idea being that I took the concert that inspired me the most and recreated the vibe of the Wembley experience but on a smaller scale.

It was only a matter of time till the word got around the circuit, and I was contacted by James through Facebook and we began the conversations which lead to my first rehearsal with the band in October 2021. I knew immediately that these guys were something special and the thrill I got from hearing the music I loved delivered with such passion and fire was incredible. We performed our first show together in January 2022, but it has always felt like we've been together for years. I think I can speak for us all when I say how lucky we are to found that our individual talents match each other so well... and that we actually get on too!

You can also here more about Phil's background in music in this video of a recent podcast by Vic Hyland...

Sennheiser EWD digital wireless mic

Sennheiser MM435 capsule

Neumann KK205 capsule

Neumann KMS105 handheld mic

Alesis Quadraverb

Studiomaster VMS

K&M mic stand (adapted)

Ricola ‘Honey, Lemon & Echinacea’ lozenges

Schwarzkopf ‘got2be’ Glued

New Era headless tambourine (vintage)

Squier Telecaster

Dimarzio Chopper & Twang King

Boss IR-2

Korg D1 stage piano

Phil's  gear

Phil Copping as Freddie Live Aid
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